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It’s almost impossible to bring everything you need in a suitcase or two. Many newcomers have to start their life from scratch. Living in the basement or a small one-bedroom apartment is part of most migrant journeys. 


Budgeting is crucial for your new life in Canada. For newcomers with limited financial resources, it's essential to be rational with money. In Calgary, we have a lot of resources where you can find new or used clothing, kitchen utensils, furniture, and even some electronics.


If you face financial obstacles to buying whatever you need, we recommend looking at the following stores.


Clothing, kitchen utensils, toys, and small furniture: WINS, Value Village, Salvation Army, GoodwillThe End of the Rainbow Donation Centre

Furniture: WINSHabitat ReStore, Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society


Food: Calgary Food Bank


Monthly Transit Pass for low-income individuals and families: WINSFair Entry


Low-income support: Alberta Supports

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